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A Winter Talisman

Release date: 2001 (Sheila-na-Gig)
CD: Sheila-na-gig SNG 702

Susan McKeown & Johnny Cunningham are joined by guitarist Aidan Brennan in this unique collection of traditional Scottish and Irish songs, celebrating the traditions of their native lands through poetry, music, and song. Beautifully recorded with the sweet sounds of vocal, fiddle and guitar, the album evokes the magic, nostalgia, and intimate experience of a winter's night.
"As Cunningham bowed a solo, the crowd continued to sing softly, clutching hands. And it was this final theme of winter, togetherness and community, which closed the show and stuck with the crowd as they exited into the night."

  A Winter Talisman
  A Winter Charm of Lasting Life
  Lang-il' (Langolee)
  Mál Bhán Ní Chuilleannáin
  Wexford Mummer's Song
  An Urbane Scotsman in Alaska
  The Unfortunate Snow Incident
  The Bonny Blue-Eyed Lassie
  Preab San Íl (In Praise of Drink)
  A Christmas Childhood
  My Singing Bird
  A Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn (The Drunkenness That Christmas Brought Us) / Drunk Since Ever I Saw Your Face)
  As Warm As Winter Snow
  Auld Lang Syne

A Winter Talisman

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