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Sweet Liberty

Release date: 2004 (World Village)
CD: World Village 468029

With the musical contributions of: Sarah Allen, Dee Armstrong, Ed Boyd, Aidan Brennan, Johnny Cunningham, Brian Finnegan, Charlie Giordano, Donogh Hennessy, Lindsey Horner, John Joe Kelly, Dana Lyn, Joanie Madden, Susan McKeown, Eamon O'Leary, Jon Spurney, Oliver Straus, Mariachi Real de Mexico, and Ensemble Tartit (from Northern Mali).
"An adventurous vocalist and producer, McKeown assembled a small group of remarkable musicians to record an album of beauty and simplicity which focuses squarely on the songs and on her clear, stirring contralto. One of McKeown's specialties is reviving rare songs that have yet to be explored in the current Celtic revival. Her arrangements of these songs sometimes employ traditional instrumentation but are as likely to surprise the listener with instrumentation not expected on an album of Celtic songs."
  The Wee Birds All Have Come and Gone / Fisherman's
  Shamrock Green
  Johnny Scott
  Oró Mhíle Grá (A Thousand Times My Love)
  Sweet Liberty / Promenade
  Eggs In Her Basket
  Fair Annie
  The Winter It Is Past
  When I Was on Horseback

Susan McKeown

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