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Release date: 2002 (Sheila-na-Gig)
CD: Sheila-na-Gig SNG-704

The sequel to Bones, this collection of 10 original songs recorded with her band The Chanting House is a stunning display of Susan's maturing ability as a songwriter and her remarkable musical talent.

With the musical contributions of Jon Spurney, Lindsey Horner, Jeff Allen, Michelle Kinney, Catherine Bent, Joe Trump & Allison Miller. Special guests: Natalie Merchant, Johnny Cunningham, Gerry Leonard & Russ Johnson
"For those sickened or wrongfully spoiled on common, industry blends of Irish folk/rock, McKeown is absolutely blowing away any misconceived notion or preconceptions of what this genre has come to define. Her brand of folk/rock music is progressive, including instrumentation and language of traditional Irish music, but it is wonderfully experimental in arrangements that feature trumpets, electric guitar and sparse electronic sampling - and further blending genres like jazz and blues.

While The Chanting House provides a fantastically eclectic chamber rock background to frame her songs within, McKeown's soulful and evocative vocals drive and navigate the music - fiercely passionate words whispered, crooned and screamed to evoke the Irish spirits.... McKeown's voice and lyrics are captivating and truly spellbinding with rich, descriptive imagery from a powerful, feminine perspective."
  Be Brave Love, Be Strong
  Chances Are
  Wheels Of The World
  Seven Cold Glories
  What Did I Ever Do To You?
  Because I Could Not Stop For Death


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