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The Mother Album

Release date: 1999 (North Star Music)
CD: North Star NS0111

The MOTHER album, produced and recorded by Susan McKeown, Cathie Ryan and Robin Spielberg. The album contains original songs by Susan, as well as new arrangements of traditional Irish melodies, instrumental pieces, solo piano work, and duets, that explore the relationship between a mother and child.

From beautiful Celtic lullabies to brand new original songs that explore the mother-child relationship, this CD will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever had a mother, been a mother, or is likely to become a mother!

Special guests include: Johnny Cunningham on fiddle, Joanie Madden on Irish whistles, Áine Minogue on harp, Gerry O'Beirne and Gerry Leonard on guitars and more.

  Mother of Mine
  Rock Me To Sleep, Mother
  Walk With Me
  Peata Beag Do Mháthar (Mother's Little Pet)
  Ancient Mother
  Jennie's Song
  Circle of Life
  Grandma's Song
  Mothers' Celebration
  Real Pretty Mama
  Seothín Seo-h-ó
  Buíochas / Thanks
  A Song For Jennie (We're almost there)
  Baby's Lullaby

The Mother Album

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